DecoStat Design And Print Wall, Window Decor

For Great Prints - Photograph and Art File Information

The larger the file size, the bigger you can print it.  Best to use large file sizes for small prints too!

For best prints, set your camera to take pictures at it's highest resolution!

Photo - Print Quality Indicator

For beautiful prints, the image submitted must be of sufficent quality for the size you want it printed.

When an image is selected on the DecoStat Design Board,
the Print Quality Indicator lets you know when your images and photos are sized for good print quality.

>   When the indicator bar is Green, the photo is sized for good print quality.

>   When the indicator bar is amber, the image will print ok, but may have some graineness when viewed close-up.
     Reduce image size to improve the Print Quality Rating.   

>   When the indicator bar is red, the image is too large for its file quality, reduce the size of the image to improve.

To See Your Design At Print Quality - Actual Size

>   Use the Zoom Tool (upper left) and resize the view to 100%.

Image Resolution / Types Of Images

Large image file sizes are best, 300 dpi/ppi (dots per inch or pixels per inch) and 150 dpi/ppi files make the best prints!

Always upload the highest quality file possible. The better the file quality, the better the print.  Large files sizes will reproduce small or large prints perfectly.

File types that can be uploaded to the Design Studio:  .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.