Information About Using The Design Studio

  • You can change your measurements while designing.  If you haven't measured yet, you can start designing with a guess-timate and change the measurements after you have measured the glass.  After changing size, verify your design is still correctly sized and positioned.

  • Pricing is based on the size of the wall or window film ordered.  It includes custom printing of your made-to-size film.  Your order will arrive pre-cut and ready to be applied.

  • To view your design at print quality: click on the Zoom tool and set to 100% or click on the Preview tool, then select 'Actual Size'.  Zoom and Preview tools are in upper-left corner.

  • Etched Glass and Leaded Glass colors can be changed.  White / Frosted and Black are the default / display colors.

  • For Frosted / Etched Glass design, use the color White.

  • If you have multiple windows/doors that are the same size and you want to have the same design on them (or a reverse print of that design), create one, and during checkout indicate how many are to be reverse printed.  example of reversed using lost lake

  • 20 MB file size limit.  The design studio can handle/process jpg, jpeg and svg files up to 20mb in size.  If your print-quality file is larger than 20mb (yeah for you, because bigger files sizes print beautifully on small and large prints), or is in pdf, eps, tif, format please upload your print quality file to DecoStat using this link .   Then, upload, size and postion a screen quality (72dpi) version of the artwork to the design studio and when ready, checkout.  Our artists will make the same changes to your print quality file before printing. 

  • If you have any questions, our office # is 800-320-8439 / 321-504-4060 or you can send an email to customersupport at