DecoStat Design And Print Wall, Window Decor

How-To Use The Design Studio

The DecoStat design studio is an advanced art and design program.

While that is a good thing, it can seem a little overwhelming to those without experience using an art program.

The good news is that even for a design novice, the tools are easy to use. The absolute easiest way to create a beautiful custom design is with a DecoStat photo collage template.

If you have experience using a  design program, you can create your artwork in that program and save it as a jpg, jpeg or png file.  Upload your file to the artboard sized for your design.  You can then edit the design with the design studio, or proceed to checkout if it is finished.

Quick Info Guide
To select multiple objects Hold 'shift' key while selecting
To maintain proportions when resizing an object Hold 'shift' key while dragging a corner handle.
Group/Ungroup & Layer controls Are on left side of design board.
To save uploaded images for future use Create an account
To edit a design in the future Save the design to your account before leaving the page (includes going to checkout)
Design Studio Tabs & Tools Guide

Product Settings Use this tab to show/hide grids and ruler, set canvas background as solid color or image, and check available options for product purchase

Choose Art opens the clipart library. Select a category and a variety of clipart images will be available. Click on any image to add it to the design area. You can select and edit clipart properties like size, color, blur, border, opacity, alignment once art is in design area.

Add Text Use this tab to add text to the design. There are a number of available fonts. You can modify the text as desired. Effects include font size, bold, italics, font color, blur, opacity, outline, and alignment.

Add Image Upload your own artwork, images and photos from your computer or local storage device. You can also import images from Facebook and Instagram.

Add Shapes   This option allows you to draw shapes using free hand pencil tool, line tool, rectangle, and ellipse as well as using symbols like arrows, flowchart, animals, cards and chess, dialog balloons, electronics, mathematical, music and other miscellaneous entries. Once you have drawn a shape in design area, you can decorate the shape with effects like outline, opacity, blur, fill color, size, alignment, etc.

Image Gallery Select this tab to view / select images you have uploaded to the design studio. To save uploaded images for future use, you must create an account. Save your design before changing design studio sizes.

Draw Shapes, Symbols and LinesBack to the top

To draw any of the below shapes, click the shape to be drawn, position the cursor in the design area and drag to the size of shape desired. Once drawn, you can edit object properties; size, fill color, border style and color, blur and opacity settings etc. To maintain proportions when resizing a shape or image, hold down the shift key while dragging corner handle.

Clicking on the “Rectangle” icon opens a sub-menu palette with three options: Rectangle, Square and Freehand rectangle drawing. The first two options are very straightforward. The third option allows the user to sketch a free hand rectangle that will be converted in a true rectangle immediately after the completion.

Clicking on the “Ellipse” icon opens a sub-menu palette with three options: Ellipse, Circle and Freehand ellipse drawing. The first two options again are very straightforward. The third option allows the user to sketch a free hand ellipse that will be converted in a true ellipse immediately after the completion.

Shapes is a library of standard symbols and shapes. The library includes symbols, shapes, arrows, flowchart, animals, cards and chess, dialog balloons, electronics, mathematical, music and a variety of miscellaneous decor pieces.

Gives option to draw straight line and connect two objects by a line.

The “pencil tool” allows free hand drawing. The thickness and the color of the strokes can be changed using the “Color Palette” tools.

Editing/Decoration OptionsBack to the top

Blur Allows object blurring to simulate fading due to fog or smoke presence or also the distortion due to occlusion by partially transparent object. Set blur using provided slider.

Border and Stroke Color: Use this tool to edit the border color for selected clipart, shapes or text. Options include solid colors as well as linear and radial gradients.
Border Stroke Dash Style: Use this tool to edit the stroke styles for selected clipart, shapes or text.
Border Stroke Width: Use this slider to change the stroke width for borders of selected clipart, shapes or text.

Opacity  This option changes the opacity of the selected object in reference to the background. A completely transparent object has opacity of 0% whereas an opaque object has an opacity of 100%.

Choose Font: Select fonts from drop down menu. You can choose font before or after typing text.

Font Size & Style: Use to edit font style and size (up to 72 pts or 1 inch) with the slider tool. Fonts can be enlarged further by dragging handles of the text box. Font style tools is used to change the font style to Bold or Italic.

Alignment: Align text with respect to the text area

Twin This option will create a duplicate of the selected object(s).

Color  Use this tool to modify color(s) of clipart, text and shapes. Solid fill colors, linear and radial gradients are available.

Controls On Left Side Of StudioBack to the top

Group  You can select multiple objects (by dragging your mouse over desired objects or pressing “Shift” key and selecting objects individually) and group them by pressing the group button, which modifies the appearance of the selection. The objects once independent now appears in the group selection like a whole object. Before grouping, every individual object appears bounded by a dashed rectangle but after grouping dashed rectangles disappear and are replaced by a unique dashed line rectangle bounding the whole group. You can now edit all the objects in the group in one action with available editing options. Grouping also affects the “Icon Toolbar” appearance, the 'group' button is a toggle button which converts to an 'ungroup' button when grouped objects are selected.

Ungroup This option works on a group of objects. Once ungrouped, each object can be managed and decorated separately.

Cut Cut option removes the selected object and places it on the Clipboard. On use of Paste option, it will place the copy of the last cut object.

Copy Copy option creates copy of selected object on Clipboard. On use of Paste option, it will place the copy of the last copied object.

Delete All 

Delete All option is used to delete all objects from design board. In short it will scrap the entire design. This will also erase your undo history.

Delete Object will remove the selected object only.

Send to Back/Bring to Front  option allows to move a selected object in background while Bring to Front option will allows to move a selected object in foreground.

Preview Use this option for a preview of your customized design, we recommend that you preview your design before adding it to the cart. You can download your customized design as a pdf for your reference with the download preview option inside the preview window.

Save Click this button to save your design in your customer account. You must register and log-in to use this feature. All your saved designs will be available in your user account. You can select any saved design and reopen for further editing or reordering.

Social Media Sharing You can save and share your design with friends in varities of ways like sharing on your Facebook or Twitter and Pinterest account.

Zoom Zoom and also view design fit to canvas, fit to selection and fit to screen.

Info Get how-to information for using the design studio.

Add to Cart Once your design is ready and you want to place order, click this button. It saves your design to the shopping cart where you can proceed to checkout.

Edit ClipartBack to the top

By default any clipart is treated as a single object and any transformation that you apply works on whole object e.g. even if your clipart has multiple colors, applying a color will color whole clipart to single color.

In order to change each constituent layer/part of clipart individually, double click (or click on ungroup button) on clipart to ungroup its layers. You can go to the smallest individual layer of a clipart by double clicking (or pressing ungroup button) required number of times. Once un-grouped, you can now select any constituent layer individually to change color or edit it further with all available options in right pane. To come out of ungroup mode or to group clipart again double click outside selected clipart anywhere in design area or click group button.

Group EditingBack to the top

Group editing works in two ways.

You can select multiple objects by dragging your mouse over desired objects or by pressing “Shift” key and selecting desired objects.

Multiple selected objects are shown with dashed borders. Now you can edit common properties of these objects in one go e.g. color, border, opacity, blur settings etc.

In case you want to resize, rotate or move the whole group in one go; all selected object(s) can be placed in a group by using Group button. A single dashed rectangle is shown encompassing all selected objects. Once grouped, properties and transformations can be applied to the whole group in one go. Once the group editing is done, you need to click on Ungroup button to access objects individually again.

Add ImagesBack to the top

Use 'Add Image' to import JPG, JPEG, and PNG images from your computer, local storage, Facebook and Instagram. Select the image upload option and images are uploaded to your image gallery. To move an image from the Image Gallery to the design board, select and drag the image. You can further edit the image properties like size, opacity, blur, border etc.

Supported Formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG

Optimal Resolution: 300dpi x 300dpi or better

Minimum Recommended Resolution: 150dpi x 150dpi

Print Quality Indicator Bar will indicate print quality of image at it's current size. Resize image to change it's print quality.

Add BackgroundBack to the top

Use this tool to fill the background with solid colors, radial and linear gradient fills from the color palette.

Add to CartBack to the top

Once your artwork is ready and you are ready to order, click on add to cat to proceed to checkout and pay.

Color Pallet Back to the top

Clicking on the color icon opens a dialogue box for choosing a fill color or specifying RGB or HSV coordinates.

Choose from 3 (three) fill styles: solid color, linear gradient or radial gradient. Selecting solid color the whole inside of the selected object will be painted using the selected filling color. The linear gradient option paints the selected object using different shades of color changing linearly moving on the selected line. Finally, the radial gradient option allows to paint the selected object using different shades of colors moving from the center toward the borders.