How to find artwork, ideas and inspiration on the internet.

We assembled this how-to information to help you find print-quality images with your searches. Find artwork in the public domain (free-to-use) by the Masters (Monet, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, etc.) and many lesser known artists, images and ideas from social media, maps, flags, Hubble Telescope / space images, plus a number of other specialty subjects.

To have a succesful search, you must know what you are searching for,

"What theme, elements, feelings or ideas do you want your design to have?"


Lets go find them.


Google and Bing:  search suggestions and how-to info

Google and Bing have 'Image' searches for finding artwork, photo's, logos, signs, sayings, etc.  Whenever conducting a Google or Bing search, click on the Images tab at the top of the page to change from text search results to images.

Using search terms of 3 or more words, produces best results.

>> Bing has an image quality tab with it's search results, click the highest resolution for best quality search results.

Go to Google Image search (opens in new tab)

Go to Bing Image search (opens in new tab)


Social Media searches

There are a lot of great images on social media.  Unfortunately, most images displayed on social media sites are fine for displaying on a monitor, but do not have the quality needed for printing at a very large size. Images from social media can often be used in photo collages, but for larger prints, it can take some searching to find a print quality version to use.

Pinterest is a DecoStat favorite.  Their search results are great for getting the creative juices flowing. 

Many searches will return the 100 'Most Pinned' items for that subect.  A search for 'bedroom signs', 'living room signs', 'bathroom signs' yields 100's of creative, thoughtful and funny signs for bedrooms, living rooms and bathroom.  Whatever you want to decorate, Pinterest has ideas for consideration.  We highly recommend using and becoming a member of the Pintrest community.
Go to the DecoStat Pinterest page, you can start searching Pinterest from there.  (opens in new tab)

And of course, the Facebook, Twitter, Picassa, Instagram, and Flickr communities all have lots of great resources and creativity to share.

Wikimedia Commons -

This wiki project has created an archive of Free-to-use, Public Domain Artwork.  Wikimedia Commons is the place to find digital copies of paintings from museums around the world; much of it saved in print-quality files.

The Search Bar at the top of the page is the easiest way to find art by an artist, art of a period or style, religion, etc..  Remember to click the 'Images' tab.

Download paintings by the great masters and many lesser-known, but talented artists.  You can search by artists name, by painting names, types of artwork (can return a large number of results, try to use specific queries. "sailboat in watercolors",  "lighthouse in stormy weather", etc.

Religous artwork from churches around the world are available for download. Find wall hangings, stained glass windows and doors from the great cathedrals that you can download, have DecoStat print and use to decorate your church walls, windows or glass doors.

Maps and Flags available for download.  Decorate with beautiful maps of the world, the Orient, Europe, Africa, the Americas from centuries past to present.  Search by world, contintent, country name, state or time frame you are interested in.

The Wikimedia search can be cumbersome until you get used to it.  Click on the images tab for best search results.  Some artwork has more than one digital copy archived, make sure to select a file that is of print quality and has an accurate color balance.

Go To Wikimedia Commons - click here

Hubble Images of Nebulaes, Galaxies, Stars and the Universe

The Hubble telescope has captured thousands of awesome and inspiring images of the universe and everything in it.  They also have most of these images saved at very high quality, they can be printed very large and look beautiful.  Best of all, they are FREE. 
Go to the Hubble website  (opens in a new window)

Professional Art and Photography

There are many, many websites where you can purchase professional photography and art for your custom decor.  A few that we recommend are:

One Dollar Media
CanStock Photo

These are just a few of many stock art and photography websites, a search will provide you with many more.