DecoStat Design And Print Wall, Window Decor

 DecoStat is the easy, affordable way to create your own custom decor
for interior walls and doors, windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, mirrors and more.








Window Film & Wall Decal Information


Window Film Prints

Recommended For: Windows, Glass Doors, Mirrors, Shower Enclosures and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

For Glass, your artwork is printed on

Clear or Privacy Film

Looks the same on both sides of the glass.

>  Adhesive-free Film

>  Easy to apply.

>  Looks great for years.

>  Removes easily and cleanly.

Demonstration of translucent privacy window film.

Decostat privacy film is a translucent lite frost, will not darken the room.

What lite frost privacy film looks like before printing. (printed or unprinted, looks the same on both sides)

3 Ways To Decorate Glass

Center or arrange artwork on glass. (1 and 3 separate prints^)

Starry Night centered on privacy film.

Center art on privacy film.  (images on 1 piece of film ^)

Cover the glass with art.

DecoStat Wall Decal Prints

Recommended For: Interior doors and walls

Ideal Surfaces:

  • Painted walls and doors with a smooth to moderate texture.

  • Most types of wallpapers. (must be in good condition) 

  • Wood paneling with a smooth grain. 

  • Painted metal doors.

Wall Decal Material, 2 styles:
Poly-Canvas with a matte finish or smooth, high gloss finish.

Features a repositionable low-tac adhesive. Can be applied / removed 5-8 times if walls are clean and dust-free.

Looks Great For Years

Removes easily without damaging paint or wall.

wall decal with framewall decal without frame

Add a digital frame or print your art without a frame.
(8 frames available.)